Cutting Ties or Seeing Where Questionable Business People Will Lead To

Cutting Ties or Seeing Where Questionable Business People Will Lead To

It’s not uncommon where many times you will encounter people in your work and business life where it seems like they always just want to use people in an effort to get ahead. For example, taking money and free labor from people they have developed some trust with to try and impress wealthy people to five them funding or other opportunities. Most people would say cu them off immediately as they will just end up draining you.

That’s probably true in many ways. But it did make me wonder if it’s actually better in all cases to bluntly tell them to go away or to simply decline them politely to keep the bridge open encase they end up changing their ways as an example. I know for myself I have often lost a lot of time and money giving these types of people the benefit of the doubt.

The only direction I found that is most balanced is to simply decline requests where they ask you to do things for free by saying for example it’s your business and you nee to make a living. Especially if you helped them before where they always promise the moon. I don’t thin it’s a good idea just to bluntly tell people to get lost in most cases as there is a chance the person is simply inexperienced and desperate at the moment as an example. But there I nothing wrong in wanting to be paid your worth.

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