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Cutting Off Free Support If People Aren’t Serious

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Recently I was catching up with a person since it has been awhile with all the pandemic distancing. Just before it happened he asked me for some financial advice which I gladly obliged as he needed to find a way to turn things around. Usually my only request is that if you are asking me to spend time on you in these ways then you just need to take it as serious as you would if you were to pay a consultant $30 an hour as an example. As I spent time thinking of everything he could do and even researching solutions he could implement right away it seemed like he kept making excuses to the point where he basically just wanted everything as is but cheaper.

So with that in mind I quickly just said my work is done and it’s up to him on whether or not he wanted to take action. Keep in mind this was all done for free. So recently on this catch up he was worried that I was angry. I clarified I wasn’t as I simply just adopted the mentality where people should not request for others to spend time in these ways for them for free if they aren’t actually serious. So instead of trying to change someone in these ways they are going to have to change first and then ask for assistance.

He agreed that was fair. I think that is important too when you get so many people always asking you for free work to the point where you are losing a ton of time and money as a result. I wouldn’t keep asking people for free food if they owned a restaurant for example because I know that costs them money. I still think it’s great to be charitable per se. But the recipient shouldn’t take it for granted.

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