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Customer Acquisition Discounts To Benefit You

There was a couple of flyers I was looking a recently from companies that want to lure you away from your current service providers. Usually the benefit is that they offer you a similar service at a discounted rate while waiving off any kind of a transfer fee.

This almost reminds me of the AOL days where some people would just get free Internet services by constantly signing up for AOL as a new customer and hence they continually got 100 hours for free. There are some that do the more extreme such as switching phone providers every year or so to get these drastically reduced discounts. Course, companies usually have retention plans to try and avoid having you leave.

For online services, this type of process can make sense for simple things like registering a domain if you really want to save money. Example, most companies offer you a huge discount for transferring your domains from your current provider. While the savings could be $2 per year of registration, imagine people that have say 10 domains to renew while registering them for 5 to ten years. Taking advantage of the transfer discounts can mean a savings of $100.

Now obviously you have to be comfortable with who you are switching to and determine how much of a pain it would be to constantly switch back in fourth. For things like that though it can make sense if you are trying to save more money.

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