Cross Promotions And Endorsements

Cross Promotions And Endorsements

I was looking over some sale strategies that authors use to help drive sales of their books. It was kind of interesting as one tactic I read that they specifically pitch to people of certain organizations is that the information that they outline in their book can be used as a third party verification of sort to help boost consumer confidence for them.

The mentality is kind of like if you ran say a business selling health products where people may be skeptical then usually they would trust third party sources more. Therefore, offering the organization this book as a tool to help them sell better generally would appeal to most companies. It’s almost like a sales strategy between the two as the company itself will most likely sell more of its products with this and the author can build his name further this way as well as getting more sales.

Kind of sneaky in someways when you think about it. At the same time, smart I suppose.

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