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Credit Card Chargeback BlueFur Web Hosting

As anticipated, that unauthorized credit card charge appeared on my statement for the month and so I have initiated the chargeback process using an online form which is new to me. The web hosting company is actually a local business called Bluefur web hosting who I decided to try largely due to the fact that they were a local business. But as mentioned, I have decided to use others and have no need for its services.

As mentioned, I felt that I gave them an ample mount of heads notice except it seems like they just ignored the request. As you can see here, this is a screenshot of the cancellation request I sent well over a month ago using its support ticket process that hasn’t even been touched by them it seems:

And of course, the charge got posted as you can see and it isn’t exactly just a small chunk of change:

I figured there is no point in even trying to contact them directly anymore as they even ignored the e-mail I sent them. From what I read too, this appears to be the experience of many others as well. Therefore, doing a credit card chargeback is pretty much the last resort. So I logged in to my credit card provider’s site and found the transaction dispute form:

For the most part it seems pretty straight forward with fields that you have to fill out explaining about which transaction you are disputing and why. In the reason for dispute field I just chose the “Transaction not authorized” answer as it seemed the most appropriate as all the other options were things such as double billing errors.

Afterwards, I submitted it and everything seemed like it went through. As indicated on the confirmation page, it looks like I will have to wait for up to 5 days to get a response from a representative from the credit card company.

Let’s see what from happens here. I mentioned before too that I am probably still going to have to pay that charge on the credit card bill first anyways to avoid the risk of getting charged interest from the credit card provider’s end. Unless they process everything quickly then that will be a different story.

Comments to Credit Card Chargeback BlueFur Web Hosting

  • Thanks Alan for posting this. You know, I’ve been chasing up Bluefur Hosting for just under 2 months to cancel my account. No one responds.

    So thanks for telling me what to do.

    If I was someone thinking about using Bluefur, I would definitely stay far away from them.

    Thanks again,


    Kerry 7/20/2009 5:06 pm
  • Hi Kerry,

    Sorry to hear that you went through a similar ordeal. I do suggest reading part 2 of my post at if you haven’t already as maybe that will help too as I got an official response from the company through posting my experience.

    Alan Yu 7/20/2009 10:32 pm
  • My merchant account is about to get blocked because of fraudulent transactions.
    I suspect my rival website’s hand in this whole mess. I dont have any evidence but can you suggest me some way to avoid or prevent these chargeback’s from ChargebackExpertz.

    Thank you.

    paul 7/20/2015 8:22 am

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