Credit Card Chargeback BlueFur Web Hosting Part 2
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Credit Card Chargeback BlueFur Web Hosting Part 2

So I logged into the credit card account today and apparently a service representative completed the request. However, I’m not exactly sure what they did exactly because as you can see from this note they suggested that I first try to contact them directly by phone.

Thank you for using our Mosaik MasterCard Self-Serve site to submit your request. We advise you to contact the merchant directly at 1-888-2077217 regarding this transaction. If they are unable to assist you, please call our Client Contact Centre at 1-800-263-2263 or TeleTypewriter (TTY) for the deaf or hard of hearing at 1-866-859-2089.

Essentially, it is saying phone them to try and sort it out and if that fails then I should contact the credit card company by phone. Almost makes you wonder in regards to the point in using the online form in the first place. It did make me wonder if there was any point in phoning them as by reading its cancellation policy/procedure even they indicate that it must be done online as you can see here:

As well, they also have this satisfaction guarantee of some sort that is meant for new accounts it seems and similarly they don’t seem too keen in handling cancellation requests through the phone.

Benefit of the doubt, I did phone in and sure enough a guy picked up saying that this request needs to be directed to another person and that they will phone me back. I asked politely when I should be expecting this call and he said probably Monday at the latest. Although, they do work around the clock he mentioned.

This is getting more interesting everyday I guess. This is almost making me think that there is either a lot of outsourcing of services from this company. That would explain all the delays in reply too. I could be wrong of course.

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Credit Card Chargeback BlueFur Web Hosting


  • Gary Jones :: 7/19/2009

    A simple email to me would have resolved your issue. I know for a fact you have my email and that you choose not to use it.

    Your ticket was submitted to the wrong department.

    I have refunded this and you are canceled. Good luck with your future endeavors.

  • Alan Yu 7/19/2009

    Oh cool. Hopefully that will get posted soon.

    Although, I must say your comment is a bit confusing as it sounds like you are implying that I personally did something wrong procedure wise to get an account canceled. I know it can’t be just me as I read dozens of stories with the same issue and so this chargeback initiation was a result of that too. Odds are something is up with the system.

    As to e-mailing you personally, I remember way back that you never answered a specific e-mail and therefore when it comes to troubleshooting type of situations that I should just handle it through your support system as indicated on the literature. I haven’t even e-mailed you since then and that was like what…3 years ago almost?

    Although, if e-mailing you directly is the only way to guarantee that an account be closed and not through the ticket system or e-mailing the billing department as indicated then I think it would be good to reflect that on the terms.

  • Christopher Smit 10/13/2009


    I found Gary’s e-mail and he has yet to answer. I have e-mailed service and billing etc. a zillion times and nothing. I will now cancel the billing to Bluefur on the Bank side of things and well see how I feel about getting the money back they owe me. Stay away from Bluefur hosting. Where’s the integrity? From my perspective they are criminals.

  • Alan Yu 10/14/2009


    Did you try phoning the number too? I still think that blogging about my experience was what eventually got the prompt reply when all else failed. Maybe using social media in some way will help you too if you documented everything about your experience thus far.

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