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Credit Card Chargeback BlueFur Web Hosting Again

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This is incredible. Just when I thought it was all done with in regards to this company, just recently a transaction was posted on my credit card from them. Sure enough, it was connected with the service that I clearly requested to be canceled.

As you may all recall too, the owner of the company even responded on my blog saying that it was indeed canceled. As well, it seems like he was trying to imply that I did something wrong in submitting the cancellation. Wow, I’m interested in hearing their excuse this time. I even e-mailed the guy to his personal e-mail address too.

I did phone in again and have yet to hear back. I think by tomorrow if I don’t hear anything I am just going to phone in to the credit card company and just request a chargeback immediately as opposed to going with the online method. I’m almost thinking they will continue to charge for services and therefore I need to tell the credit card company to block them or something. Never had to do anything like that before.

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