Creations To Make A Profit In Specific Cultures

Creations To Make A Profit In Specific Cultures

While this is probably ancient news I was reading about a franchise that was invented here in Canada where it recently expanded into the US. Of course, that means the business has to adapt to the culture to a certain extent to be successful. That then brought up the topic on how people enjoyed burgers and donuts. So the result, they attempted a donut burger. The interesting thing too is that apparently companies do this already.

I was just looking at some pictures of these creations and it just seemed so strange. Not to mention that they don’t look appetizing. You know, at first I thought that this type of creation would be more of a joke of sort. For example, it would be like saying people in a certain area like chocolate, donuts, vegetables, and meat. So if you put it in a blender and combine them it would be great.

I guess it being unique has a lot to do with it too in terms of getting people interested in the item. Sure makes you wonder though where if something that bizarre yet straight forward can be successful you can probably so much with other things too.

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  • Tim 9/15/2010

    Why don’t you mention the company? It’s Tim Horton’s.

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