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Creating The Side Projects

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I was recently talking to a person that said every year h tries to create at least two types of side businesses while he works at his regular job. Reason being was that the dollar value naturally drops over time where if you simply work and save money you are actually losing money in the end. Therefore, he figures that you need to be pro-active and to try to do as much as you can when you are in a secure financial position.

At the same time, he was saying how usually in your working environment it is a great way to network with others who would have similar thoughts such as yourself and therefore it is easy to find partners for any side projects. Not a bad way of thinking overall I say. Though I guess you do have to be careful about trying to do side businesses if you work at a regular job as it may be a conflict of interest. Wouldn’t be pretty if you relied on that job to stay afloat financially.

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