Creating An Illusion of Demand With Fake Customers

Creating An Illusion of Demand With Fake Customers

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This was kind of fascinating as today I was reading how there was a restaurant that was looking for advice on how it can generate more buzz and demand for people to try its food where they wanted to get everything right at the start. After consulting with various people you might think they suggested things such as hitting up all the influential people in the area or handing out discounts. Not even close. Apparently the advice they received and what they went with was to literally hire fake customers to pretend they were lining up so that everyone that walks by will think it’s something they should checkout as well.

It’s just so odd in many ways where I would imagine most people that create such a business would think it’s all about the quality of food and such. But in this case it’s more about perception and marketing where ultimately it did work for them. In many ways I guess it is the equivalent of companies paying for fake reviews where once people see all these testimonials they will be more inclined to try the product or service.

I do wonder if that would be easy to spot when it comes to like a restaurant where people were specifically hired to line up. Almost makes me want to try and actually do that as a job just to see what that world is like per se and just how many businesses do something like that.

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