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Creating Competition To Grow Your Industry And Business

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The other day I was watching a video about the famous skateboarder Tony Hawk and how he was able to turn something he was super passionate about as his main source of income. There was a funny part where apparently he was asked something along the lines of when he was certain that just skateboarding could be profitable for him where he can make a living out of it. When he was like just a teenager he mentioned it’s when he bought his own house when he knew. Good answer huh?

But the neat thing about this story was the talk on how skateboarding was in no way popular so you have to be kind of crazy to keep pursuing it from a financial point of view. So you have to wonder how in the world did such a thing grow so big? One point I got out of it was how apparently amongst the skateboarding community there was a ton of events and competitions amongst people. That alone kept the growth going. Then when people like Tony Hawk started to invent things such as crazy skateboarding tricks on top of other forms of media such as video games it just really took off.

I guess it’s just usually who is willing to put in all the energy to hold these events? Because having competitions is indeed a great way to grow. Just look at video games in general and Esports now. Before people would get made fun of for playing so much video games and now these Esport games can be a spectacle with people walking away with huge cash prizes like any other large sport. I suppose that’s another reason at least know people in your field too as together you can all create something big that will end up helping everyone.

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