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Creating A Template to Increase Productivity

Today a person was telling me how they were going to be extremely busy and needed some help to create some presentation material. I was asked if I could take on a few projects where overall the type of work didn’t seem too demanding. So I agreed. They then brought up the point how they will be needing a lot for different projects and so I should try and create some kind of system to easily produce these if possible.

That brings up the topic of having a template of sort in your production flow where once you develop one it can simply be a matter of replacing items like the text and images. That should take less than half the time to finish compared to when you needed to build something from ground up. Especially when it comes to items that require a daily product, structuring it in a template fashion is very similar to say restaurants that have a very specific system to maintain the flow.

You could argue that you want to create something unique every time of course. But there is a time and place for both I feel. For example, if it is for the exact same client where they pretty much want the exact same stuff all the time then it makes sense to put that wanting to be unique approach aside.

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