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Creating A Niche Information Site

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It just hit me the other day that there should be an issue that will be coming up soon around here that many people will be interested in, including myself, and so I was actually very interested in creating a site for it. At the same time, I thought this would be something fun to do to see if I could monetize it as well.

Again though, my primary motivation is to create something very informative. While I know exactly what I will use technically to create it, it’s thinking of the domain name that I usually hate as you can ponder for hours wondering if you are making the right choice or not. I know some people just register a bunch of them too to avoid the hassle.

Looks like I better get cracking too as I don’t have too much time before everyone will probably attempt to create something similar.

2 Comments to Creating A Niche Information Site

  • These sites will help you in your endeavor:

    Domain Name Soup and Faster WhoIs

    Good Luck!

    Jim Reilley
    Catalyst Real Esatate Marketing

    jim Reilley 11/23/2008 6:56 pm
  • Thanks for the tip Jim. Some useful tools there. Surprised I haven’t heard of them before.

    Alan Yu 11/24/2008 12:24 am

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