Crazy Difference In Strawberry Prices
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Crazy Difference In Strawberry Prices

Today was a reminder how the prices for groceries can be substantially different depending on where you shop. I first decided to visit a grocery store to see what the prices were like today and it seemed like they had a lot of strawberries on sale for a very good price. You could buy one box for $1.99 or $3.89 for two. I usually see boxes of strawberries go for well over five dollars a box currently so that seems like a steal.

I then decided to drop by another grocery store and it seemed like they had the same brand of strawberries. However, look at he difference of price as pretty much for the same amount of product they were charging $7.99 a box. Look at how many boxes of strawberries you could walk out with for that same price at the other store.

Such a great example that reinforces why it’s good to constantly visit different stores if you can while building that price database in your head to know what is a great deal or not. Especially these times when the price of food in many places are going up.

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