COVID 19 Virus Bankrupting Your Businesses Potentially or Adapting

COVID 19 Virus Bankrupting Your Businesses Potentially or Adapting

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There was so much crazy news today and how the COVID 19 virus has apparently caused the NBA season to abruptly end as a player has tested positive for the virus. Following that announcement the NHL followed suit shortly after where they were now cancelling the season until the situation gets better. Imagine all the revenue that is being lost. You could say they have no choice of course as the show simply can’t go on with such a high risk.

That was kind of the interesting thing as there are actually plenty of other sports related shows that are going to still perform with adjustments. For example, I was reading how the UFC which involves MMA fights are going to adjust the venues that the fights will take place. As well, apparently during these taped event it will only be the staff and fighters where no general audience members will be able to attend. But they can still watch it as usual though.

It’s an interesting contrasting scene where you could try to run things the way you have which seems impossible to the point where shutting down just makes sense. Or you can somehow try and adapt to the situation where it may not be business as usual but at least you still have an operating business. It’s not as easy for every type of business of course. But I have heard the saying before adapt or die as they say.

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