COVID-19 Downtime Is A Good Time To Start Something

COVID-19 Downtime Is A Good Time To Start Something

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One thing I definitely noticed right now is a ton of people in various artistic fields have been forced to essentially not work their usual gigs due to everything being shut down. With that there seems to be two groups of people. You have those who are simply sitting it out and taking the time to binge watch movies as an example and those who are trying to find ways to do stuff virtually. In many cases even exploring other avenues of interest.

For example, imagine a musician who made his/her living playing at various events where because of the pandemic they now start to offer tips and guidance on how to dance and exercise. Even though they aren’t technically a “professional” to the average person it could be they simply know more than they do which is good enough. As it turns out, for some people it seemed like they found a good fit where even after the pandemic they now have another type of business they can pursue I guess you could say.

Downtime like these really are a great way to explore other avenues of business. The excuse is usually we have no time to explore other things as our full time work takes priority. But with the pandemic downtime it can be a great excuse to start exploring with very little risk. Especially if it is simply seeing if you can migrate your business utilizing digital distribution methods.

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