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Could You Get By Simply With Free Public Wifi

Recently here in Vancouver there was an announcement that certain areas of the city will now have free public wifi where all you need to do is find a signal titled “VanWiFi.” While there is currently six locations where the service has been launched, there is supposed to be a total of 43 locations when it is all said and done. That should cover quite a bit of area when you think about it.

This got me thinking too on whether or not for items like your smartphone if you could simply live with using this free service for your data as opposed to paying those outrageous data fees. For those who don’t know, mobile data rates are pretty outrageous here as most carriers force people to enroll in plans that can cost $60+ simply for like one gig of data.

I have actually heard of home users who actually live off of using free public wifi since they are located in an area that has an abundance of it. I don’t think I could use a free public wifi for home use. For things like the smartphone though in some ways it makes sense as most of the data guzzling tasks for me is simply visiting like a website for the news. If that means saving like $20 to $30 a month on your bill it seems like a reasonable sacrifice.

It would just require you to plan your day a bit better too if you actually needed Internet connection for whatever reason. Or my other thought is with this free service becoming more prevalent that means one can think of downgrading their data packages and take advantage of this more to save money.

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