Costs of Maintaining Tradition
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Costs of Maintaining Tradition

Today is Thanksgiving here and of course that means the traditional turkey dinners for many. One person was telling me though how he avoided traditional expectations like that where you are expected to buy particular items as he finds that companies bank on that mentality. Example, I guess like in this case he mentioned that stores bump up the prices for items like turkey and cranberries as businesses expect those items to be high sellers.

That must be a very hard thing to do I thought even if you do save a lot of money. Maybe if you constantly did things by yourself then it wouldn’t be a factor. But considering these are gatherings of sort usually it would probably just make the environment a little odd. Therefore, I would usually just opt to treat it like running an event where it’s just one of those times that you try to cater to people.

One thing is for sure, the price of all these Thanksgiving items will drop like a rock tomorrow.

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