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Costing Yourself Time And Money By Not Using The Ideal Resources

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Over the past few days it has been snowing like crazy where of course that means cold weather with slippery roads and all. Since I often walk a lot I decided to actually wear my hiking shoes instead as they are more ideal for these kinds of walking conditions. The other day they got pretty soaked where they needed some time to dry off. So today I just decided to wear my regular running shoes. While I was still able to manage my day like normal for the most part was it ever more slippery and all while walking.

I found that with the hiking shoes I could walk like normal whereas with the running shoe I had to be more cautious. It slowed me down but not as much as some other people who were telling me that 15 minute walks were now like 40 minutes for them. It made me think how not using the right tool and resources for a certain scenario can end up costing you so much more than simply investing in the right solutions.

There are definitely times where you can just simply be creative with what you have where if it gets the job done then it’s kind of silly not to do it. But in cases like this where your performance is being effected then it’s time to really consider if you will actually save more by investing in the right tools per se.

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