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Cost of Waiting Around And Doing Nothing

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I know of a person recently who was waiting for a delivery to arrive as she was really excited to getting an item. As a result she actually waited all day without going out where unfortunately the packaged never arrived. Even with the tracking online it always said that the item was out for delivery. She actually did this for three whole days until she finally got her shipment today.

It just made me think how much time and money she had lost for doing this where she could have easily have been doing other things. That’s usually why I tend to try and make sure I can do something productive if I ever have to be in one area for awhile for whatever reason. That could range from doing some work as an example or even something as simple as health related such as exercising.

That’s one advantage to trying many different kinds of work and opportunities in your life too as for myself anyways I find it constantly gives me a flow of ideas and things to do regardless of the circumstance I am presented. You then tend to develop ways to multitask where you can do multiple things at once to become more productive.

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