Corporate Branding and An Amazing Discovery
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Corporate Branding and An Amazing Discovery

Today I read an advertisement about receiving compensation in exchange for tattooing a corporation’s symbol on a part of your body. Hence, you would be like a walking billboard. After doing some research about this, apparently this all began when a person went on Ebay and offered the back portion of his head to be tattooed with a corporate logo and in the end he received about $7000 to do so. While this is not something I would personally do to make money, this definitely shows that there is a wealth of opportunities out there for people to create an income for themselves.

During my daily browsing, I stumbled upon and was I ever surprised. This site has a large list of Canadian vendors and with the help of its visitors, various deals and coupons are published for people to take advantage of. Similar to my main site, this site has also been up and running since the year 2000. As a person who is constantly on the lookout for great deals, I can’t believe that I never found out about this site before. As they say, one way to make money is to save money. This will definitely be one of my new frequently visited sites.

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  • Anonymous 3/4/2005

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