Cooking And Preparing Food As A Necessary Financial Discipline
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Cooking And Preparing Food As A Necessary Financial Discipline

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Usually when you think of learning how to cook and prepare things a lot of people would imagine that is only for people who wish to become chefs in life as an example. But from my experience it seems like people who can’t or insist in not cooking their own meals are often the same people who say they have no money to spend on anything. Just recently I was hanging around a person where when it comes to food my habit is to usually eat at home and then say go out for whatever my activity may be. For himself though he loves to dine out even though he has food at home. Reason being is that he can’t be bothered to cook the stuff when he is tired.

It sure adds up too. At the end of each event it seemed like his dinner bill was often $20 to $30. Times that by thirty days and you can’t help but to point at that habit when he tells me that he is broke and never has enough money. If you are tight on my money then learning how to cook your own meals while having the discipline to consistently do it is essential I feel in terms of having a healthy bank account. In some ways I think it is just as important as investing in your future in general. Can you imagine like in this case the person could easily save almost $500 a month by stopping that habit? That could be about $6000 a year.

For $6000 I would probably invest it in ways to teach me how to cook stuff like a restaurant if taste is the main reason you prefer to dine out as an example. Interestingly enough too he could even wipe out his credit card debt easily this way. In many ways too even things like those instant dinner meals are often way more expensive than cooking things fresh. If time is a factor too then I person would much rather invest in equipment that would help make the job way faster. I know that is why things like those Instant Pots became so popular. Then again some people buy the stuff to then never use it huh? So you have to have the discipline to follow though.

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