Converting Existing Materials To Different Formats To Expand

Converting Existing Materials To Different Formats To Expand

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I was thinking today as for whatever reason I was browsing around online to see new releases and books happened to have come up. At first I saw the hardcover item for sale which is normal of course. But then I saw there were so many other options where you could purchase this book in a digital format as well as other options such as an audio version.

It makes you wonder how many different ways you can simply convert your existing work to different formats in an effort to expand into different markets if that was your goal. I have seen a lot of companies advertising services as well such as helping news organizations turn their written articles into a videos. If you can do it with very little time and investment considering the meat of the item is pretty much done why not in many ways huh?

Who knows how many types of work that you have in your possession which can be revitalized to a different group of people who have never encountered it before.

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