Controlling Your Purchasing Data To Get Better Deals
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Controlling Your Purchasing Data To Get Better Deals

I was thinking with all this news about companies like Facebook that are being scrutinized for the misuse of data today I was looking at some of the grocery deals I got. Funny enough offers popped up based on the things I bought last week where the app obviously was designed to guess what will bring people into the stores by looking at past purchases. I was thinking how in this case you can easily create a data profile that may not be 100% accurate but will get you the deals that you need.

In this case I actually don’t use the rewards card every time I make a purchases unless there I specifically a deal. They want you to of course so that they have more data on your purchasing habits. Because of this it only registers some of my purchases and it almost looks like I never shop there at all unless they give me a good deal. As well I don’t get offered just bunch of small items but just the stuff I essentially allow the app to know.

So with all the talk about people’s data being misused and potentially sold to companies I thought this was a funny example how you can easily control your data as well and reap the benefits of it.

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