Continually Investing In The Wrong Talent

Continually Investing In The Wrong Talent

This got me thinking today as there was a company that had a choice on who to invest in for their future and for one reason or another they made their choice on one particular individual. AS time went on it seemed like they really tried to push their chosen talent to help bring the company to new levels such as spending advertising dollars to make the public aware of the person as the face of the company per se. As it turned out, people just didn’t connect with the person which meant their efforts was fruitless.

Now the interesting thing is despite this it seemed like they were still doubling down on how this was the best person to help them grow. So while sinking even more money and resources into the person the executives literally got fired before changes were finally made. I am always surprised when big businesses do this as you would think in heavily data driven environments constantly pumping money into something that doesn’t work seems like it ultimately becomes more about ego in wanting to be right.

This is probably more common in small family-owned businesses where people are really trying to give someone they know an opportunity. Even then it’s not a good idea. What may have helped I this case too I was thinking is that instead of going all in with one guy maybe they should have invested in both of them to see how they preform first so that you have tangible data to go by on who to commit to for the future of the business.

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