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This must be prey on the Internet users week or something. While it isn’t unusual to get spam about money making opportunities, this one deserved some special attention I thought as they sure do a lot of things right to entice people to go with their pitch. It was from a company called “Contacting Them”.

While I didn’t care too much about the spam offer, it actually had some good copywriting I must say as they make it sound like they have done some research about your site by using generic information such as how long the domain has been registered for. Then they try to convince you to join them with the phrase of

With that kind of traffic, we will pay you up to $4,800/month to advertise our links on your website.

The thing is too, it will probably get a lot of people to sign up impulsively. I’m always weary whenever people focus so much on how much you can make while using the terms earn “up to” in the message. I went to the page anyways to read the fine print and sure enough it puts a lot more light into the offer

These figures of earnings are examples to help you understand the earning potential – You can make more or less. There are no guarantees of income. *You are NOT paid per click, per impressions or for the period of time our banner is exposed on your website; you are paid per sale generated. You receive a sales commission when members join our paid membership upon your referral or your sub-affiliates’. Recurring monthly commissions are subject to members’ renewals. By default, 2 levels of commissions are paid; to access levels 3 to 10, you need to meet each level qualifications. Please take time to consult the qualifications for each level inside the affiliate area that explains everything in details.

It’s kind of like telling someone that they can earn up to a million dollars a day by cutting the neighbor’s grass. From my experience, good online affiliate programs are like any type of vendors in a traditional business where they focus on the type of products/services that they will enable you to offer.

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