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Contact Lens And Money

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I heard a conversation today where a person was saying that her contact lens lasts for well over 6 months. The person she was talking to gave her a stare as he mentioned his son wears contact lens and he has to replace them like every 2 days. Essentially, it became a conversation about money and length of use too.

While I don’t wear contact lens myself and am not sure about the costs associated with it, apparently one person had disposable lens where you had to replace them frequently and the other one had ones that just required you to take good care of them which makes it last for months.

I then threw in a comment how if you really wanted to save money wouldn’t buying glasses be the ultimate answer? That was shot down pretty quickly with reasons such as they don’t look good, are too heavy to wear which is troublesome, etc.

I was just looking at some prices though for disposable contact lens and it sure looks like it can add up. At the same time, there was a point on how buying the longer lasting ones would require you to buy solutions to clean and disinfect it everyday.

This sure made me think though where if you were in a situation where you had to save money during these times and buying say glasses would possibly save you hundreds a year, would one do it? Seems like one of those doable things where you are mostly sacrificing fashion/appearance for money.

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