Contact Forms Versus Emails

Contact Forms Versus Emails

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A person was telling me something interesting today as she owned a website where she provides a service and people can enquire more about it either through e-mail or by phoning in. Apparently she didn’t realize that in her contact us section it didn’t actually have a form that people could fill out but rather just a click to e-mail and a phone number. Surprisingly, just adding that form where people type in answers right on the site and then submit it resulted in a lot of enquiries from potential clients.

I must say that in many ways I am the same where if a site has an actual form you fill out I am more inclined to feel comfortable in requesting for information versus clicking on an e-mail link and having to manually compose a message. I suppose a big reason is that it feels a little more automated with a form with an instant reassurance that it was submitted. But if something as simple as that can generate more business for you then it would be silly to ignore it.

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