Consumers Recognizing The Honeymoon Phase For Product Launches Canon EOS R5 Example

Consumers Recognizing The Honeymoon Phase For Product Launches Canon EOS R5 Example

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I enjoy reading about new tech and gizmos that get released where even if it is insanely expensive to the point where I can’t justify ever owning it I guess you can say it’s fun to see it in action and how an industry evolves because of it. So recently I was watching all these videos talking about a new mirrorless camera by Canon called the EOS R5 which was supposed to be a huge deal as it films 8K video in such a small package. On top of other features many see this as the new king in the camera industry.

What was very noticeable was how everyone that was showing off the new product were literally ambassadors for the company and this resulted in simply videos of people showing clips of how great it is. There wasn’t many critical reviews of it as you can imagine since no one else got it and one pretty much has to pre-order and buy it in order to see how it is really like.

So with that in mind I was semi surprised to see how many consumers were trying to tell everyone to hold off the pre-orders because this phase is usually labelled as the honeymoon phase where you only know about the positive points of a product in an effort to get people to buy the product immediately. Consumers are getting way smarter I guess you can say too in recognizing who is truly reviewing a product versus those who are essentially paid to showcase it.

With that though, if you were Canon trying to market this new EOS R5 camera what would you do differently knowing this? Would you actually give your product to your harshest critic as an example where every potential negative will be shown to the point where it can cost your company sales? I have never personally seen a company willingly do that as an example. At this day and age though the old style of just paying someone with a big audience a lot of money to say how great your product is may not work as intended since people are more educated about their purchases.

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