Constantly Looking For Criticism or Supportive People

Constantly Looking For Criticism or Supportive People

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This was kind of tricky as I was reading a comment on how a person was really fighting hard to make his business work where he made a lot of mistakes and is trying diligently to improve. With this he got a lot of people throwing him comments from people who are very supportive to those that have no sympathy for his situation while criticising his efforts in a harsh way. The interesting thing is how people were saying you need that harsh criticism to succeed to in many ways so it’s something he must learn to constantly digest.

That really got me thinking because usually the argument is if you want to succeed you must surround yourself with people who are in a sense supportive of your goals and would inspire you to be your best. At the same time you do need those who would tell you like it is so that you don’t live in a fantasy world thinking everything is fine when it isn’t. So which group of people would you actually aim to be with in trying to achieve your goals?

I personally think it’s better to be with supportive people who will give you honest opinions. That means not people who will just be say yes men to you or people that simply enjoy being negative. But I do feel it’s more important to have people that actually inspire you to do better and that usually means being around the supportive crowd. Usually the supportive people have been through what you have as well and so they want you to succeed.

As well, while critics are often necessary it should be constructive criticism you seek. Otherwise you may just get drained in unnecessary negativity with a crowd that will never be happy as they say.

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