Constantly Changing Talent Before They Become Too Big

Constantly Changing Talent Before They Become Too Big

What an odd business strategy I thought where there was a business that was so worried where their talent would get too famous to the point where if they keep them onboard, they will face the risk of them being so recognized where they would then have a lot of negotiation power over the company for things like pay. You would normally think that is a good thing to build up say stars within your company. But in these instances, it could be a big expense for company either way such as paying for the star you created or having to replace them in hopes that people will accept it.

So apparently what this company does is that for roles which involve people being the face of the company in public they will rotate it with new people every six months or so to ensure no one will ever get too famous while the company can still produce the types of marketing materials that they need. It’s almost like hindering the growth of your talent as well if you think about it where someone who is really good at the job will be held back for fear they will be too successful.

I remember some examples such as companies getting employees to create weekly social media videos where after those employees got so recognized that they just quit the company and did virtually the same thing except under their own newly created company which focused on just creating those videos. It’s an interesting business decision a company need to make. But for myself I tend to think you shouldn’t hold people back.

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