Considering The Imperfect Produce As Well
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Considering The Imperfect Produce As Well

I specifically went shopping for some avocados today for a person who couldn’t eat hard foods at the moment. At first I saw about a pack of five for four dollars which wasn’t too bad. They weren’t too big either but the person needs something to eat. As I examined them though they weren’t ripe yet it seems as they were all very hard. That wouldn’t be good as the person wouldn’t be able to eat them yet. So as I went through the store looking for ones that were ready to eat I came across ones that were a lot cheaper and labelled as imperfect.

These are those produce where visually they my have some kind of imperfection that causes people not to buy them as the assumption is the product is worst than the nice-looking ones. But many times the inside is the same as all the other ones. In this case too, it was about seven dollars for a bag of about nine large avocados. Best of all, they were ripe and ready to be eaten. While many people would still shy away from it, the funny thing I thought was how right next to it were individual avocados that you could buy and they looked exactly like the ones I these bags. I am guessing the store took them out and sold some individually in case people only want on or two. But in those vases people didn’t mind at all in terms of the outside appearance.

Don’t pre-judge these types of produce as you could be saving so much money while still getting the quality and freshness you are after. The best examples is if you are making raw juice then an imperfect apple can be virtually the same as a perfect picture one. That’s how a lot of people make apple cider as an example where they take the not perfect looking ones and juice it.

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