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Considering A Counterfeit As A Deal

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This is such a strange mentality I thought as today a person was telling me that they bought this cell phone for so cheap where the regular price is normally like $600 except this particular one was about $300 only. However, it was pretty clear that it wasn’t an authentic item and the funny thing was the person didn’t care if it was real or not. Basically, as long as people think it is the real thing then that’s all that mattered.

I know for myself either way in that instance it is a bad deal for the most part. Especially in this case where it is an electronic product which pretty much voids any kind of support and possibly missing features. Kind of better to just say if you can’t afford it then just continue to save until you can. Or better yet, get something that you an actually afford in a practical way. I’m still amazed at times how there are stores here that openly sell counterfeit products at like an open store at the mall yet they still stay in business for years.

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