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Connections Can Go A Long Way

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I had an interesting day today where I thought I would have to ignore a certain incident afterwards as it looked there was not much I could do about it since I don’t have the expertise in the subject and acquiring help to do it would be super costly. As luck would have it, a person that I met not too long ago actually knew a bunch of people who had the exact knowledge and expertise that I need and therefore he offered to help.

I was literally surprised at how things work sometimes and that everyone you talk to can potentially play a key role in your future endeavors. An interesting story too was my brother was also telling me how when he was looking for a new job before the person that interviewed him believed he was a good candidate. The interviewer then asked for an opinion from another employee and coincidentally that person actually spoke to my brother previously through an event. He thought he was friendly and all and gave him a good word too and that helped to get him the job.

It really does help to be nice to everyone you meet as you never know who they know or what role they can play in your professional life.

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