Confusing Flashy Design And Graphics With Technical Difficulty

Confusing Flashy Design And Graphics With Technical Difficulty

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Recently I was asked to help create an online presence for a person where various examples were provided to me on what they envisioned. When I look at the site in these ways I often look at the basic structures and functionality to determine how difficult it would be. They did advise me before that what they were asking for would be very difficult in their mind. But after seeing all the examples it was actually pretty basic as most of the work is basically data entry and pretty pictures.

That’s what got me thinking as this is common where if someone sees extremely flashy graphics on a site as an example then they would assume that the site requires extensive work in creating because it looks so high end. But in reality it’s just a picture placed onto it. An analogy would be imagine two people making pretty much the exact same burger except one of them is packaged in fancy looking boxes. Naturally people would think the one in the fancier box is better in some way.

I think that’s usually why it’s important to have at least some knowledge in whatever it is you would be hiring a person to do work on. Because like here someone could easily tell them that it would take a month to create and will be priced at five figures which they would probably believe. This is a great opportunity to help educate your customers as well.

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