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Condensing Working Days For More Opportunities

This was kind of an interesting take to an age old complaint people have but never having extra days to try and do other things in life such as starting a new business opportunity. The person that I was talking to was saying how she enjoys working fourteen hours a day for three days a week as usually she has four days off after to do other things. While you would think she would be burnt out working that long in such a short amount of time, to her she says when she is working it’s all the same anyways.

With four days of extra free time she uses that to research and start various side businesses and investments in hopes to create something big. At the same time, she can just simply relax if she wants, but she has a time is money mentality. Granted most nine to five jobs can’t exactly give you that kind of flexibility as you have to cater to the needs of the business, but it’s something to think about if you are looking for more days in a week to start up some kind of venture.

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