Completely Changing Careers Despite Educational Investments
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Completely Changing Careers Despite Educational Investments

I was reading an interesting story today where a nurse of over a decade decided to switch careers as a truck driver due to issues such as job safety concerns apparently. That is a complete flip and makes you wonder how many people would be willing to do that? Imagine spending all that time and money to go down a specific career path then to just leave it all behind for a job that doesn’t require an immense amount of education.

That alone makes me think most people would just stick at it even if they dislike certain aspects of their career path. I remember one example of a person who went through schooling to be a software engineer and after graduation he was seriously considering to just work in a supermarket as the job was available and he could technically live on that while working his way up to more opportunities.

Even I was surprised how he didn’t immediately dismiss that idea considering all the years of schooling he went through. But if it makes sense for you financially then maybe you have to treat it similar to a business loss of sort.

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