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Competing With Too Many Other Events Intentionally

I was surprised to learn today on how many different events took place during this weekend where many of them actually got me interested to the point where I would have probably gone to see what it was all about. However, there were so many that these events simply got buried with everything else that was going on. So that was unfortunate.

What it did make me think was how many times people that host events or product launch coincidentally overlaps another where they end up losing traffic and attention. Sometimes though I hear how people feel whatever it is that they offer is so much better that people will just ignore everything else. That can be true I suppose. But that is usually only the case for large businesses and established brands that already have a following.

For example, an established business knowing that a smaller company will be releasing a competing product and so they attempt to steal their thunder. If anything, if you are the smaller guy who believes the have the better offering I have often seen companies wait to see what the bigger guys do. If they flop then following up right after can usually give quite a bit of momentum as you are attracting everyone who is in the mindset to now explore others. Timing can constantly be the determining factor on whether one makes it or breaks it.

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