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Compensating For Errors

Recently I went to inquire about a workshop I was interested in attending and was all set to pay for it. I wrote them a cheque and all and everything seemed good to go. As I was heading home I then got a message from them stating that there was an error on their part as the workshop didn’t take place until a month later for particular time slots.

The interesting was as a result they offered to allow me to go and attend their other workshops in different time slots for free except I wouldn’t be able to participate in it. Example, imagine wanting to learn a new language where they messed up on the workshop dates you wanted. As a result, they offered you the chance to attend the other classes where you can view/learn everything except you wouldn’t be participating in it.

Was kind of interesting I thought and reminded me on how compensating the customer for an error can go a long way. I was in no way upset or anything either and this just convinced me that they actually cared about having me as a customer, so to speak. Good business lesson.

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