Comparing Yourself To Other People or Not For Business Motivation
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Comparing Yourself To Other People or Not For Business Motivation

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With a ton of snow here in Vancouver it was estimated that we got about 30cm of snow. That was enough to shut down a lot of schools and businesses for the day as it was considered a hazard to travel in these conditions. Of course a lot of locals were making a fuss when they were in a situation that required them to do business as usual per se with the main argument being it’s too dangerous to travel. That’s when the comments usually come in where people from other cities that get say 50 cm of snow laugh at the idea of 30cm as to them that is say a normal day and people manage easily.

What it made me think is how usually when people think something in their life is very hard or impossible to overcome very often looking at the struggles that other people go through can be a good way to get you to keep going. For example, watching the life of a person that has no arms or leg actually get through life and making a decent living makes people say they have nothing to complain about after in terms of trying to find some kind of work.

But many times too people say you should never compare yourself to others because your journey is different. As well, comparing yourself to people who already have success can be counterproductive as people don’t usually factor in all the time and sacrifices they went through. So what is the balance there huh? When should you actually use other people’s life experiences and journey as a way to influence your own? I guess for myself it’s about creating your own path and absorbing all the information that others provide where you then take aspects from it that actually works for you per se. Very similar to leaning a martial arts that suits your unique characteristics and goals.

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