Comparing Your Own Travel Costs Versus Delivery
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Comparing Your Own Travel Costs Versus Delivery

I was just reading up on some business that offered home delivery services when it comes to groceries where you can essentially choose everything online and the company will then have a person ship the products to you. The delivery rate was about $5 which I thought was bit much considering the area of service is pretty small.
I was then debating how that would fare if you compared it for a person that normally took public transit. I can easily imagine the trip both ways would cost about $5 in itself and so in that sense it costs the same. Except in the other case you would be paying someone to go get it for you instead. Interestingly enough, the main arguments I heard didn’t have so much to do with money but rather some people said you should still go out and get it on your own for the sake of exercise.

Kind of an interesting way to think about it as I guess a service like that could change your lifestyle a bit. I suppose with that mentality you can save more in the end as you are keeping yourself fit and active to prevent needing attention and products to keep yourself healthy and alert. I think I did read a story once about a person who lived purely from getting everything delivered online. Can’t envision that lifestyle 100% honestly.

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