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Company Blogs To Address Issues To Your Customers

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So recently the company Netflix launched its services here and Canada and the company is just having a bad pr streak it seems. At first I read how they hired people to act excited about the launch where apparently these people began talking to the media as well. This gave the impression that the company was trying to manipulate public’s perception.

They then apologized about it on its company blog at That then lead me to read another apology post they made not too long after at as apparently the CEO made a comment about Americans being self absorbed where they won’t really pay too much attention about the price differences in Canada compared to the ones in the US.

This kind of made me think at just how a blog was probably not the best idea to address such an issue. I would be inclined to say that an official press release statement of sort would have been more suitable. While I guess you can argue that blogs are generally more personal and therefore in this situation it would be like the person is apologizing to each person individually, situations like these are a bit too big where people expect you to respond in an equally larger way as well. Simply about perception I guess you can say.

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