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Companies Using Vaporware To Control Competition

While I don’t think this is as common nowadays for larger businesses, I have been seeing some examples recently on what would appear to be companies announcing future products simply because their competitors have something coming soon. If they don’t do anything then everyone could potentially spend their money with the competitor and have nothing left to spend once they launch their own product.

The thing here is it was mostly trailers hyping up a product which you must wonder if it is even legitimate in the sense of it is actually coming out soon. For the most part it does work too for big companies where it can make people go back to the waiting line as no one wants to spend say thousands of dollars on an item just to see something better in a month.

I guess you can only go by a company’s history to see whether or not they are being truthful per se. I would think as the company who is actually releasing a product it could be beneficial to passively imply how your item is actually coming out and is real as a way to counteract that. You can get people to ask the other company to give solid dates and if they can’t then naturally people will just see it as an artificial reaction announcement.

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