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Common Habits That I Don’t Have Which Saves Money

I was recently watching a program that talked about the things people do in order to try and live longer. From a business perspective, I guess people don’t usually think twice before shelling out thousands of dollars to try and look/feel younger which is why the industry is pretty big. The interesting thing was that a lot of the things they mentioned that people do which affect their overall health are things that I personally don’t do. That just got me thinking on how much money I am able to save as a result of not having certain habits. Some of them were the following:

1) Smoking Cigarettes

A lot of people say they start at high school and it is basically a habit as they grow into their adult hood. I personally never understood the logic in forcing yourself to use something that harms you while at the same time being a huge money burner. Just thinking about it, some people say they smoke a pack a day which means about $300 a month assuming it is $10 per pack.

2) Drinking Coffee

This one is kind of funny as I have never really gotten into the coffee drinking norm and I have actually never drank a cup of coffee before(I have eaten coffee flavored candy though which doesn’t exactly excite me). When I think about it now though, I guess it has been something that actually benefited me more as I am usually more energetic than the people I know and I don’t have to rely on it as a way to say wake myself up. If people buy one cup of coffee per day at about $2 I guess it would be about $60 a month.

3) Alcohol Drinker

Alright, this is usually the one that gets the most controversy from everyone who knows me as similar with coffee this is not something that I got into. People tell me that you have to “acquire” a taste for it which means that you have to pretty much train yourself to like it. Again, I just don’t see the incentive in doing so. It’s kind of funny on the things people try to do to me to force me to become like a beer swelling maniac. It’s all in good fun though. Some people even went as far as to tell me that I should start becoming a frequent beer drinker for business reasons as people close a lot of deals during those drunken moments. Some people tell me that on average they spend about maybe $100 a month in alcohol.

Just thinking about those three key things, I guess on average I save about an extra $460 a month. The thing is it’s not like I do it intentionally to save money, but I guess that factors in on why I am able to have certain things that people think are way too expensive for them to ever get. At the same time, you can definitely see how you can save a lot of money if you are say like a chimney when it comes to cigarettes. Either way, small habits definitely add up in more ways than one.

3 Comments to Common Habits That I Don’t Have Which Saves Money

  • Smoking cigarettes, of course, is bad for your health. But drinking coffee and drinking alcohol (wine and maybe beer), are probably good for your health if done in moderation.

    I save a great deal of money by brewing coffee at home. My wife used to buy a cup of coffee from Starbucks every day, which ended up being around $60/month as you say. I started purchasing extra-fancy coffee from (Kenyan AA is their best IMHO) which has reduced our coffee expenditures to about $5/month!

    On the other had, our alcohol costs seem to be going up every year. We avoid purchasing alcoholic beverages when we go out to eat, but the price per bottle of wine that we consume at home has crept from $10/bottle up to $45-$65.

    joewatch 4/28/2007 9:01 am
  • Wow, $60/month to $5/month is pretty huge difference. That’s like a 91%-92% savings and should be easy for others to do as well (Assuming it tastes the same or just as good as say coffee from a Starbucks). Speaking of alcohol beverages while dining out, I know some people who are kind of the same where they avoid purchasing alcohol at restaurants. They can’t stand the thought of paying for something that has a 200% to 500% markup when they can easily buy it themselves for way less.

    Alan Yu 4/28/2007 5:43 pm
  • I have a friend who tried to quit caffeine a few times over the years (he and his now-ex wife were trying to start a family). He does contract negotiations for a big company. When I saw him yesterday for the first time in about a year, he was holding a cappuccino from Enormous Coffee Store, and this was his story: “I had this big negotiation, and I had a cold, and so I took NyQuil and I was soooo tired when we started, and the other side just kicked my butt.

    “The next day when I was getting dressed for work, my girlfriend came in with a cappuccino. She SURPRISED me by pretending to leave for work, getting this coffee and bringing it back to me because she knew I had to continue this negotiation I’d screwed up yesterday.

    “So I drank the cappuccino, went to work and kicked THEIR butt in the negotiation. I felt GREAT. I was thinking sharp; I was anticipating their answers; and I just hit it out of the ballpark. From then on, yeah, I went back on coffee.”

    He grinned, and I said “So you saved your company money by going back on caffeine.”

    “Yeah,” he said, “are you kidding? I saved my job!”

    I told him he should start expensing the coffee. 🙂

    Marcie 4/30/2007 12:31 pm

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