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Commercial Stores In Hospitals

Today I had to visit the hospital as my dad had an accident that required a small surgery. It was really odd to me I thought that while trying to find the room that he was in I noticed that the hospital actually had things like a lottery center where people could buy tickets for the lottery. I was just thinking is that really an appropriate thing to have in the hospital? In some ways it feels like putting say an arcade game machine in a Church.

It’s also a little strange as to my knowledge lottery ticket providers basically make money if someone has a winning ticket that was purchased from them. Considering hospitals here are funded by tax payer money it just makes it seem even more strange. Then again, maybe they are using this as a way to generate extra income for other things that are independent from hospital itself. Makes me wonder how much of the staff’s income goes towards buying lottery tickets at the end of the day too as it must be enticing to just buy that $2 ticket in hopes to win millions each week.

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