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Coming Back From Adversity

I was pretty surprised yesterday as I bumped into a classmate from my elementary days. I didn’t even recognize her as we never really spoke or associated with each other outside of school. For some reason she recognized me though and I must admit that it was kind of shocking at first when someone who appears to be a stranger comes up to you and starts confirming details from your childhood just by you telling them your name.

Afterwards, we started to talk about our life thus far and what was happening. Her life story and situation was pretty dramatic I must say. In a nutshell, shortly after school it seemed like she went on to become a professional model and was pretty successful at it. Then not too long ago, a drunk driver crashed into her car pretty violently and as a result she has sustained severe back injuries that pretty much put a halt on her career.

She was saying how she even told her doctor that she couldn’t believe that it seemed like she had it all and was well on her way. Then because of this one incident it’s almost as if that dream and life opportunities are all gone now. Although she is still fighting through this, it was great to hear that she learned to deal with the situation by not dwelling over it but rather figuring out what to do now. For example, she mentioned that she always wanted to do more than just modeling and so this will definitely encourage that aspiration.

That was such a great attitude and perspective I thought as how one deals with adversity in life is an important foundation to being successful at anything. It doesn’t matter if you had say a million dollars today and then someone blindly robs you off it the next day. With the right attitude you will not only get it back eventually but also making yourself stronger and smarter.

I guess another way of putting it is that you have to learn to take the blocks that life throws at you and use them as steps to get higher as oppose to creating a non admirable pool that you swim in all day.

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