Coincidentally Successful When No One Else Would Dare

Coincidentally Successful When No One Else Would Dare

I was reading some articles lately about various companies who have made it big and most of them had this one little fact about their start up that I found interesting. It appeared that for all of them they started their business during a time when the economy/market was bad and everyone was advising them that it would be a dumb decision to try anything. Despite that, they went ahead anyways and became widely successful.

That’s very true generally for anything I’d say when it comes to investing or making money. Usually the worst time to try something is when it is currently the “In” thing to do as everyone and their neighbor will be creating something to get a piece of the pie which in hence makes it harder for you.
Usually by this point too, everyone just envies the person who has already made it. Many times too the person then capitalizes on this in some way as everyone of course is looking for the secret formula that made them successful.

I guess the moral of the story is if you are thinking of an idea to generate an income, try to think of things to do that are not already popular. As well, learn to embrace situations where everyone else is too afraid to do anything as it can be a golden opportunity for you to immediately stand out and reap the rewards of being in the front of the line.

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