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Clutter Vs The Value

Today I saw this computer accessory bundle at Best Buy’s site that had a whole load of stuff for about $9.99 as you can see here:

Essentially, you are getting a power bar, webcam, headphone, 1GB USB stick and some LCD wipes. The catch? It looks like for the most part it is very cheap and outdated products. I wouldn’t expect too much out of the webcam and headphones as an example. But this did bring up a point I thought. Let’s pretend you were in the market for like a webcam. In some ways you can say this is like paying $10 for a webcam and getting everything else for free. So in that sense it can be a good deal.

I was thinking too how a lot of the items in this bundle would simply get tossed in the storage space if I did buy the bundle. Call me crazy here, but if I wanted to buy say a webcam I would rather pay like $15 and buy a more modern day one. I know value wise it is probably not as good when you factor in everything, but I know it will just build up as like a collection of unused items.

For bundles like these if I don’t want or can find a use for at least 80% of the items I would usually not be inclined to get it despite the overall value. Why sacrifice the quality for the main item that I want just to get a bunch of other lower quality items I don’t really need? If you are in the market for most of the items though then of course it can be a good purchase.

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