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Closing Your Business For Weeks

Today I went to get a haircut and learned some bad news as apparently the shop owner was going to close the place down for over two weeks due to her dad being very ill to the point where he probably isn’t going to live much longer. They are located in a different country and so this will require her to travel. Financially this is one of situations too where as a self employed business owner if you don’t work you don’t get paid as there is no such thing as paid vacations here.

I was then asking why she doesn’t simply keep the place open and have whoever she trusts the most to keep the business running while she was away as she has done that in the past. She mentioned how it simply isn’t the same when she isn’t there and when she does that she constantly worries if anything is going wrong with the place. As a result, she felt it’s best to just close the place down as she doesn’t want to think about business and money during the upcoming weeks.

It’s not something you would think about normally in terms of who can take care of things if you aren’t there. I guess in examples like this it is even more important to plan for situations like these as a business owner.

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