Closing or Reopening The US And Canada Border During The Pandemic

Closing or Reopening The US And Canada Border During The Pandemic

As everyone knows the borders between the US and Canada have pretty much been closed off unless you are traveling for some kind of essential work for the most part. Although there has been stories of US citizens claiming they are driving to Alaska which grants them access through the borders only to find out that they were taking a vacation trip elsewhere in Canada.

So recently there are apparently suggestions that for the sake of the economy maybe we should reopen the borders despite the fact that things aren’t truly back to normal. Now based on the news it seems like Canada has the virus controlled better than the US currently. So with that in mind I have been seeing all these memes and cartoons from Canadians that emphasize they don’t want it reopened for fear that would increase the spread of the virus here.

I guess you can say it’s definitely not the right time in terms of public opinion to try and conduct business as normal in these ways. But it does make you wonder whether this will be a situation where eventually people will start to reopen everything to the point where the debate potential lives lost versus destroying the economy. Although with that thought, can we simply just run everyday life without the need of resources and business from other countries?

I remember one person saying before how the whole world would be solved of so many problems if people simply used everything that was locally produced. What would you think of that?

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